Pedestrian crossing button teardown

In many busy junctions there are pedestrian crossing buttons. Does pressing the pedestrian crossing button actually do anything? The short answer is – it depends. Ask CityLab: Do “WALK” Buttons Actually Do Anything? article also tells that it depends on where you are. I happened to come across a broken (most probably crushed by some

New Auto Safety Technologies Push Repair Bills Up – IEEE Spectrum

https://spectrum.ieee.org/riskfactor/transportation/advanced-cars/new-auto-safety-technologies-pushing-repair-bills-upwards There is little debate over whether advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) could reduce both the number and severity of vehicle crashes. A collision-mitigation system alone can increase the cost of a new vehicle by US $1,500 or more and vehicles equipped with advanced safety features “can cost twice as much to repair following a

Julia Reda – Showdown on upload filters and the link tax on September 12: These are the options in front of MEPs

https://juliareda.eu/2018/09/copyright-showdown/ Before the summer, the European Parliament decided to rethink its position on EU copyright reform plans, including upload filters and a “link tax”, after massive protests. Consequently, over 200 individual proposals for changes were filed. MEPs will vote on all of them on Wednesday, September 12. Some background what is happening: The future is

1st actual computer bug found, September 9, 1947 | EDN

https://www.edn.com/electronics-blogs/edn-moments/4420729/1st-actual-computer-bug-found–September-9–1947 This describes the history of term “computer bug”. In September 9, 1947, a team of engineers working on the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator at Harvard University had a problem: the bug was an actual large moth, about four inches in wing span, in one of the relays beaten to death. Debuggers put it

5 causes of burnout in the workplace

https://www.fastcompany.com/90230417/5-causes-of-burnout-in-the-workplace Have you noticed any recent changes in your coworkers? Burnout can happen to any employee in any company–even in the best work environments. Burnout tends to occur when someone in your team encounters at least one of these five circumstances listed in this article.

A sysadmin’s guide to SELinux | Opensource.com

https://opensource.com/article/18/7/sysadmin-guide-selinux Security. Hardening. Compliance. Policy. The Four Horsemen of the SysAdmin Apocalypse. In addition to our daily tasks—monitoring, backup, implementation, tuning, updating, and so forth—we are also in charge of securing our systems. In the spirit of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, here are the 42 answers to the big questions about managing and

An introduction to Python bytecode | Opensource.com

https://opensource.com/article/18/4/introduction-python-bytecode Python source code files; they have names ending in .py. And you may also have seen another type of file, with a name ending in .pyc, and you may have heard that they’re Python “bytecode” files. But beyond “oh, that’s Python bytecode,” do you really know what’s in those files and how Python uses