DealExtreme says they have cool gadgets at the Right Price. And they are right on this. DealExtreme (DX) is a Hong Kong-based online shopping site which specialises in a wide range of inexpensive electronic goods and other related items. Products range from useful and potentially useful to completely useless. Some of the most popular gadgets

Circuitry Snacks

Circuitry Snacks web site at http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/circuitsnacks gives tips how to make circuitry snacks! Those snacks look like electronics circuits. If your two favorite things in the world are playing with electronics and playing with food, this site is well worth to visit. The page begins by gathering up appropriate snack-food building blocks and making food-based

Welcome to ePanorama blog.

Welcome to ePanorama blog. In this blog we try to cover special and nice things in the area of electronics! The writers for this blog are Tomi Engdahl and other members of the ePanorama team.