Linux Performance Analysis and Tools

I just watched though Linux Performance Analysis and Tools: Brendan Gregg’s Talk at SCaLE 11x. It is an interesting talk is about Linux Performance Analysis and Tools: specifically, observability tools and the methodologies to use them. It goes through over 20 Linux performance analysis tools, including advanced perf and DTrace for Linux, showing the reasons

Friday fun: If services were built earlier?

Ten years ago this week, on 4 February 2004, Mark Zuckerberg changed the course of western socialisation by putting thefacebook.com on the internet. Mark Zuckerberg’s greatest achievement isn’t financial or technical: Facebook has turned its users into networks of anxious spies. What if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Angry Birds were built much earlier in the

Christmas gift tips

Christmas coming and different web publications give tips what to buy. Here are links to some high-tech gift ideas articles: 11 Holiday Gift Ideas for IT Executives: The holidays are here and if you are still shopping for gifts for the tech pro in your life (or maybe you’re making your own Christmas wish list),

Finland Wins Christmas

22 Ways Finland Wins Christmas article shows with pictures that you won’t find anywhere more beautiful at this time of year. Most of those picture descriptions on the article are pretty accurate.

Assembly summer 2013

Assembly Summer 2013 computer festival was held last weekend. Many earlier years I have been actively participating in it (even been on organizers team), but for last few years I have skipped that event (I am getting too old for this?). In assembly Assembly event there has been interesting computer demos on the competitions. Something

EEWeb interview

I was interviewed by EEWeb Electrical Engineering Community. The interview is published now with title Featured Engineer: Tomi Engdahl – ePanorama.net webmaster. This is not my first interview for this reason. Years ago Elektor Electronics magazine interview me Tomi Engdahl – the man behind epanorama.net

Spamhaus DDoS attacks

A fight between a spam-fighting group called Spamhaus and a Dutch Web host Cyberbunker has been called the biggest public DDoS battle in history in the news. Spam-fighting organization Spamhaus (helps to block spam from entering e-mail in-boxes) has been in a battle over the last week that has seen distributed denial of service (DDoS).