Nikola Tesla exhibition

Nikola Tesla was an inventor and a mechanic and electrical engineer. He was one of the most important contributors to the birth of commercial electricity. In the field of electrical engineering, Tesla enriched the world with more than 700 registered inventions, many of which were so far in advance of their times that they could

Pixels video

New York invasion by 8-bits creatures! Old School geeks will simply love this new Amazing Pixels Video for Old School Geeks which combines many of the vintage and retro video game classics, characters, looks and feel into one amazing music video. PIXELS is Patrick Jean’ latest short film, shot on location in New York. This

New server in use

ePanorama.net is now running on a new more powerful web server. Things should be now running more smoothly. Enjoy the new speed. Report if you see any problems on the new server.

Measure speed of light with chocolate

Wired magazine have an answer what to do with all of those leftover Valentine’s Day chocolates (if you have any). A microwave and some chocolate can be used to measure the speed of light. It is a simple yet surprisingly accurate method that can be used to introduce the scientific method to children. The details

Tour of the International Space Station

An HD Video Tour of the International Space Station is simple walkthrough of this incredible project and all its corners. This video tour of the International Space Station is an interesting video, but is has also some annoying things on it. It sometimes overuses picture in picture and superimposed images effects in the video. Just

My FAQs have new home here

I have maintained three FAQ lists for many years. Those FAQs are VGA to workstation monitor FAQ, sfnet.harrastus.audio+video usein kysytyt kysymykset (FAQ) and sfnet.harrastus.elektroniikka usein kysytyt kysymykset. VGA to workstation monitor FAQ tells how to interface different RGB monitors to to PC VGA output and a little bit about connecting other RGB signal sources than

Academia vs. Business

xkcd webcomic has today a funny comic about difference between academia research and business. Check out that Academia vs. Business strip yourself on the comic web page (the comic strip picture is too big to fit to the layout of this blog so I could not add it nicely here).

What If They Turned Off the Internet?

What would happen if they’ve turned off the Internet. After the riots have settled down and the withdrawal symptoms have faded, how would you cope? Cracked.com asked you to Photoshop what life would be like in an Internet-addicted society learning to cope without it. The World of Tomorrow (If The Internet Disappeared Today) picture collection