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The Flame Party Helsinki

The Flame Party Helsinki promises to be a day of HOT Open Web (aka HTML5) demo hacking, outdoor BBQ etc… 18th of June 2011. This event if for HTML5 and Open Web geeks, DemoSceners and Internet artists. The Flame Party is organized by the Alternative Party Crew, Mozilla Labs and DOT (the Digital Media Club

Boot Linux In Your Browser

Boot Linux In Your Browser: Fabrice Bellard, the initiator of the QEMU emulator, wrote a PC emulator in JavaScript. You can now boot Linux in your browser, provided it is recent enough (Firefox 4 and Google Chrome 11 are reported to work). This Linux image includes his own realtime C compiler as the C compiler.

Tool for faster web pages

Google Labs Page Speed Online analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster. Page Speed Online is available from any browser, at any time. This allows website owners to get immediate access to Page Speed performance suggestions. You can also get Page Speed suggestions customized for the mobile

Selenium web test tool

Selenium IDE is a Firefox add-on that records clicks, typing, and other actions to make a test, which you can play back in the browser. It allows you to easily and quickly record and play back tests in the actual environment that they will run. Selenium IDE is not only recording tool: it is a

URL Hunter

URL Hunter is an experimental keyboard-character based game played entirely in your browser’s URL bar. Go to URL hunter web page at http://probablyinteractive.com/url-hunter to see yourself. Is it a good game? Not really. The gameplay is pretty awful, and the concept is naturally pretty limited. But it’s clever and unusual. Great misuse of technology. Another


Have a bad habit of overwhelming Firefox with a few dozen too many tabs? So you keep open tabs like libraries keep books… Aren’t you afraid Firefox will consume all your memory? Don’t you fear browser restarts because it takes so long to reload all your tabs? BarTap for Firefox keeps background tabs from loading

How did WordPress win?

Why did WordPress win the Blogging Battle? How did WordPress win? tells the story why this happened. The truth is that WordPress won for a whole host of reasons and this article breaks this down.

New HTML5 logo

The Worldwide Web Consortium has unveiled its HTML5 logo. W3C promotes HTML5 with new logo. Here is the HTML5 logo: The irony is that the logo is meant to clear up confusion over the HTML5 moniker. And much like Apple, Google, and Microsoft before it, the organization that oversees HTML5 has confused it with all