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What Causes Cascading Power Grid Failures – IEEE Spectrum

https://spectrum.ieee.org/energywise/energy/the-smarter-grid/what-causes-cascading-power-grid-failures Scientists have pinpointed vulnerable transmission lines in the North American grid that could lead to massive blackouts, helping prevent them in the future. “In the North American power grid, the set of power lines that are susceptible to failures were found to represent a surprisingly small fraction of the whole network

​Linux totally dominates supercomputers | ZDNet

http://www.zdnet.com/article/linux-totally-dominates-supercomputers/  “All 500 of the world’s fastest supercomputers are running Linux” Linux rules supercomputing. This day has been coming since 1998. Before Linux took the lead, Unix was supercomputing’s top operating system. Now it seems that it will take a hardware revolution, such as quantum computing, to shake Linux’s supercomputing grip.  To this day, the Beowulf design remains

Netgem N7700 STB teardown

Elisa Viihde is a IPTV service sold by Finnish telecom operator Elisa. The system works so that you have a set-top-box that connect to your cable TV and your Internet connection. You can use the set-top-box to view both live cable TV signal, your recorded TV programs from IPTV video recorder (in “cloud”), pay TV

Gas station runs Windows

What is technology inside gas station where you just put in credit card and fill the tank yourself. I has already taken a look at one Verifone payment terminal on what software it runs (it runs Linux). Today I got a view of what is technology used on similar device made by Dresser Wayne AB.

Man With Machine: Harnessing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

https://securityintelligence.com/man-with-machine-harnessing-the-potential-of-artificial-intelligence/?cm_mmc=PSocial_Facebook-_-Security_Detect%20threats%20-%20QRadar-_-WW_WW-_-23012462_Tracking%20Pixel&cm_mmca1=000017NK&cm_mmca2=10004134&cm_mmca4=23012462&cm_mmca5=48989195&cm_mmca6=bdfe5818-7fea-4ba1-a728-fef91b396b4d&cvosrc=social%20network%20paid.facebook.WW%20Newsfeed%20Job%20Title%20CISO%20Discover%20SI%20Blog%20Engagement%20SI%20Watson%20Man%20With%20Machine%20AI%20Watson1%20_SD%20Behav_DesktopMobile%20Tablet_1x1&cvo_campaign=000017NK&cvo_pid=23012462  When we think of artificial intelligence (AI), we think of robots — machines that mimic human behavior or thought. This is partly the influence of comics, novels, movies and other pop culture tidbits, but the boundaries of AI have progressed far beyond this basic personification.  At its most basic level, machine learning, a subset of

Turing Machine paper is published, November 12, 1937

https://www.edn.com/electronics-blogs/edn-moments/4401108/Turing-Machine-paper-is-published–November-12–1937?utm_content=buffer3dc5b&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer  Britain’s Alan Turingpublished a paper entitled “On Computable Numbers with an Application to the Entscheidungs-problem” on November 12, 1937, was later renamed the Turing Machine.

A Formula for Success with GDPR – IBM Analytics – Medium

https://medium.com/ibm-analytics/a-formula-for-success-with-gdpr-c7fbd2a5b2f The General Data Protection Regulationcomes into effect on May 25th 2018 and many organizations are already seeking outside help to understand and navigate the complexities. As you consider connecting with an advisor, this brief series of posts lets you know some of the most important questions to ask, how to set priorities. You should consider having a