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2018 Winter Olympics a Prime Target for Hackers – IEEE – The Institute

http://theinstitute.ieee.org/ieee-roundup/blogs/blog/2018-winter-olympics-a-prime-target-for-hackers Malware has already made its way into the 2018 Winter Olympics, but hopefully the organization is capable of keeping everything working well without serious problems. This article claims that hackers are deploying malware capable of disrupting this year’s Winter Olympic Games, in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The malware is claimed to have the potential to

LED lamp with UPS tested

I got several LEXXA 7W LED-VARAVALO bulbs in hoping to replace some aging LED light bulbs with new ones that have a bonus feature: They have an internal battery that allows them to output light even when the mains power is turned off. Those were available cheaply from Finnish shop Motonet (bulbs with pretty similar

The maker of the Turing Phone files for bankruptcy and suspends manufacturing | TechCrunch

https://techcrunch.com/2018/02/07/the-maker-of-the-turing-phone-files-for-bankruptcy-and-suspends-manufacturing/ This again proves that,making hardware is hard – both design and business sides. An another Finnish hardware startup with big plans seems to have finished the business. The Finnish phone maker’s story so far is one of delay after delay, and now it’s announced, via Facebook post, that it’s suspending manufacturing. “A recent news

NRZ is dead, but not everywhere | EDN

https://www.edn.com/electronics-blogs/rowe-s-and-columns/4460291/NRZ-is-dead–but-not-everywhere PAM4 modulation is everywhere. “Five years ago, PAM4 was a concept” “PAM4 is being deployed everywhere except in short-reach links.” “DSP is enabling PAM4 optical channels” PAM4 has won the battle in fiber-optic and other medium and long-reach applications.

Announcing “Project Things” – An open framework for connecting your devices to the web. – The Mozilla Blog

https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2018/02/06/announcing-project-things-open-framework-connecting-devices-web/ Last year Mozilla kicked off “Project Things”, with the goal of building a decentralized ‘Internet of Things’ that is focused on security, privacy, and interoperability. Mozilla believes that the future of connected devices should be more like the open web. The future should be decentralized. There are ongoing standardization efforts around the “Web of