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Bad electrolytics now in my PC

Why modern high tech electronics fail? Too often the reason for that is electrolytic capacitor failure. I have had a quite high number of electronics that has failed by this reason after few years of service. I have had a quite number of devices failed by capacitor: PC motherboard, PC graphics card, set-top-box, DVD player.

Enable Save Tabs on Exit for Firefox

I liked the Firefox option to save tabs on exit. Every time I exited Firefox 3.x, I simply click on the Save and Quit button when I am prompted “Do you want Firefox to save your tabs for the next time it starts?”. The next time I launch Firefox, all tabs are automatically opened. When

PC 30 years old today

August 12 marks the 30th anniversary of the IBM Personal Computer. IBM released it’s first PC August 12 1981. One of the designers of PC Mark Dean blog that IBM leads the way in the post PC era. Note that IBM decided to leave the personal computer business in 2005, selling our PC division to

Arduino UNO review

I have participated in Free Product Road Testing program by Farnell. Farnell indentified my blog to road test some of their products. I was willing to participate, because what’s more fun than free high tech products to test. The first product i got was Arduino UNO. Arduino Uno is a a microcontroller board based on

Seen at Assembly 2011

The stand for Ubuntu Linux also had some Meego people showing that Meego is still going wrong. I got my hands on the Nokia N9 prototype version (I did not get permission to take picture of it). There was also Intel Meego tablet reference platform shown on the stand. The MeeGo people from Nokia were

Assembly TV 2011 is broadcasting

Assembly TV has just started the Internet broadcasting from Assembly Summer 2011 Computer Festival. Expect to see lots of interesting material. Again this year they have some interesting ARTtech seminars worth to watch. And I expect the computer demo competitions to be high quality this year. This year the Assembly TV people have made a

Technique: Carbon Fiber Primer

It seems as though nearly everything “high performance” these days boasts some amount of carbon fiber in its construction. Originally used in aerospace, carbon fiber has moved into the mainstream. Technique: Carbon Fiber Primer article from MAKE Magazine discusses some of the basics of carbon fiber construction and explains how to create a carbon fiber