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How did WordPress win?

Why did WordPress win the Blogging Battle? How did WordPress win? tells the story why this happened. The truth is that WordPress won for a whole host of reasons and this article breaks this down.

555 timer design contest

The 555 Timer IC is an integrated circuit (chip) implementing a variety of timer and multivibrator applications introduced in 1971. The 555 part is still in wide use, thanks to its ease of use, low price and good stability. 555 Contest claims to be biggest, newest, most-independently conceived 555 timer design contest the world has

Last IPv4 Addresses Allocated

Today is a historic milestone for the Internet: the allocation of the last remaining IPv4 Internet addresses from a central pool. The ICANN pool of available unallocated addresses for IPv4 is completely depleted. The allocation of the final IPv4 addresses is analogous to the last crates of a product leaving a manufacturing warehouse and going

LEDs Deliver More from Less in Car

LEDs Deliver More from Less article tells that LEDs continue to penetrate automotive lighting applications due to their long life and design flexibility. LEDs continue to penetrate automotive lighting applications due to their long life and flexibility of use for body styling and interior design. LED lighting, used for the headlights, daytime running lights and

Why 3D doesn't work

Why 3D doesn’t work and never will. Case closed. article tells about a letter is from Walter Murch, the most respected film editor and sound designer in the modern cinema (and not a big fan of 3D). The article comments on 3D cinema: dark, small, stroby, headache inducing, alienating. And expensive. The first problem is

1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and everything between

Just what is “4G,” anyway? It’s one higher than 3G, sure, but does that necessarily mean it’s better? 2G, 3G, 4G, and everything in between: an Engadget wireless primer tries to answer those and some other questions on mobile communications technologies. Here is my “short” summary of the different generations: 1G: Analogue cellphone technologies introduces

New HTML5 logo

The Worldwide Web Consortium has unveiled its HTML5 logo. W3C promotes HTML5 with new logo. Here is the HTML5 logo: The irony is that the logo is meant to clear up confusion over the HTML5 moniker. And much like Apple, Google, and Microsoft before it, the organization that oversees HTML5 has confused it with all

Prototype PCB ideas for RF parts

Using low-cost PCBs (printed-circuit boards), you can easily design a board in a few hours with nearly any CAD packag (even the free ones). Most suppliers can fabricate a PCB with line width and spacing down to 0.006 in. Make a quick-turnaround PCB for RF parts article tells that RF circuits usually need 50Ω traces