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Listening ground loops

There is a way to “hear” the potential in different parts of your system. The method for checking audible noise is to take an amplifier and some magnetic field picking sensor. You can use a coil connected to a microphone amplifier. Or you can take an old cassette player, remove the magnetic pickup that reads

Google Hamina data center details

Google’s Latest Data Center Is Cooled Entirely With Ocean Water article tells about newest Google data center. Google has a new video showing how it’s using sea water to cool its new data center in Hamina, Finland. The water is sucked in through granite tunnels (the site used to be a paper mill and the

555 AM radio

I have earlier written about 555 timer design contest. The contest is over and winning circuits have been found. Here is one very interesting contest entry (got second place in Minimalist category): AM radio receiver built around 555 timer IC. Look at the following video that presents the circuit.

Android versions

Android Developers Platform Versions page provides data about the relative number of active devices running a given version of the Android platform. This can help you understand the landscape of device distribution and decide how to prioritize the development of your application features for the devices currently in the hands of users.

Boot Linux In Your Browser

Boot Linux In Your Browser: Fabrice Bellard, the initiator of the QEMU emulator, wrote a PC emulator in JavaScript. You can now boot Linux in your browser, provided it is recent enough (Firefox 4 and Google Chrome 11 are reported to work). This Linux image includes his own realtime C compiler as the C compiler.

News on very fast Ethernet standards

I still like to follow what is happening IEEE is doing on Ethernet standardization, although there has been around 10 years since I last time was part of the process. I was participating in Ethernet in the first mile (EFM) standardization work at years 2000-2001 (at that time I worked for Nokia). There is always

Entering The Minority Report Era?

Stephen Spielberg’s Minority Report (released nearly 10 years ago) captured the imagination of many in the technology space. Today we are seeing some things from the movie start to come true right in front of our eyes today. Entering The Minority Report Era: A Video Series article shows some examples of those technologies. The video

Fractals without a Computer!

A fractal is a figure with a self-similar pattern. Usually the fractals are calculated with a computer, but is is possible to produce Fractals without a Computer! It’s very cool – partly because it looks neat, but also partly because it shows you something important about fractals. Optical video feedback is a well-known phenomenon. If

Android Open Accessory Development Kit

Google announced on Tuesday a new feature of the Android operating system called Android @ Home. This framework and associated functions promise to transform an Android device into a home automation controller that connects and directs all of the devices and appliances in the user’s home: gaming consoles, lighting, appliances, irrigations systems and anything else