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TDR circuit kit available

My Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) circuit is now available in kit form. Far Circuits has made a TDR kit that consists of circuit board and components. The Far Circuits version is a slightly modified circuits, the modification is that the circuit board has a 5V regulator IC in it. With that regulator the circuit power

Circuit inside LED tube

Chipshow’s LED tube page gives some views what LED tubes look like. As you can see there are many LEDs inside a LED tube. The most economical way to run sich LEDs from mains power is to connect many LEDs in series and then use some current limiting circuit to set the drive current right

LED tubes

The idea if replacing fluorescent light bulbs with LEDs seems to become popular. There are different kind of products made for that purpose. LED bulbs utilizes large arrays of high power LEDs to provide up to provide light. They are at best an economical way to replace commonly used fluorescent tubes. Since introducing LED based

Spy tools

Toolkit: A Look at the Gear That Experts Use to Spy on Spies is an interesting article. Kevin Murray heads one of the most sophisticated surveillance-detection firms according to the article. Wired asked Murray about the bevy of gizmos he and his staff use to sniff out corporate espionage.

Software testing

Testing software sucks. However, it is not the worst part of being a Software Engineer; that seat is taken by documentation. Which is why a lot of open source software documentation is horrifically bad. This is an ongoing problem with Linux as most open source developers won’t pay technical writers to polish their documentation. Study:

Free energy batteries?

Oh, batteries. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. Then I saw some news on this field. Potatoes May Power The Batteries Of The Future article tells about a potato powered battery. It promises to be simple, sustainable, robust device can potentially provide an immediate inexpensive solution to electricity needs in parts of the

Power line networking problems

Power-line networking has been increasing in popularity at some areas but the success does not become without problem. Power line tech could crash aircraft and shut down the Archers article says that an extensive study commissioned by Ofcom concludes that power line networking could crash airplanes and block Radio 4 in UK. According to the

3D is dangerous?

WARNING: 3D Video Hazardous to Your Health headline is a bit sensational. But it is not the only one this kind of headline. The 3D Video Hazardous to Your Health article tells that prolonged viewing of 3D video may be even more harmful than the consumer electronics industry wants you to know. Especially for children.