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Math Class Fun

April Fools: Math Class Shadow video shows an awesome prank by a math teacher Professor Matthew Weathers from Biola University. This prank mixes a pre-edited video with live action. 2009 Halloween Math Class v2 is a another funny video of a specially prepared math lecture from the same professor to honor of Halloween.

Look inside iPad

The iPad The iPad is a tablet computer developed by Apple Inc. Since the announcement of it in January 2010 it has been one of the most talked about technology gadget. Understanding the iPad’s Industrial Design article tells that iPad is the culmination of Jon Ive’s quest for the ultimate industrial design, a search for

DIY projectors

There are many plans for DIY video projectors on the net: Easy DIY iPod projector, $6 Ipod Nano Projector, DIY iPod Video Projector – Requires no Power or Disassembly of the iPod, Super Sleek iPod or Other Device Video Projector and Make an iPod Video Projector. This is a good opportunity to build a simple

Touch technologies

The demand for larger displays in small handheld devices makes choosing the right touch technology critical. Choosing a touch technology for handheld-system applications tells how different touch technologies work. The article is also available in pdf format.

Make your own twitter clone

Twitter s a simple microblogging service that allows users to make posts (called tweets) of up to 140 characters that answer the question “What are you doing now?”. Twitter is one of the biggest sensations in the Web 2.0 world. If you are creative person, you might find other uses for the service like this.

April Fools Pranks and Gadgets

April Fools Day is not too far away. It is celebrated in most parts of the world people either hate it or love it, but they just can’t ignore it. Top 100 April Fools Pranks and Gadgets gives you a lot of ideas for preparing for all the wonderful pranks and that that cool gadgets

Light for Communication between Computer Chips

New advances in optical communications are always interesting. IBM Scientists Create Ultra-Fast Device Which Uses Light for Communication between Computer Chips and IBM jumps ‘last hurdle’ to on-chip optical communication articles tell that IBM scientists few weeks ago unveiled a significant step towards replacing electrical signals that communicate via copper wires between computer chips with

New server in use

ePanorama.net is now running on a new more powerful web server. Things should be now running more smoothly. Enjoy the new speed. Report if you see any problems on the new server.

Is H.264 a legal minefield?

H.264 use isn’t all free all the time. MPEG-LA is the industry group that licenses the H.264 patent portfolio to the likes of software companies, optical-disc duplicators, Blu-ray player makers, and others who have need to use H.264. MPEG LA licenses a portfolio of more than 1,000 H.264-related patents on behalf of 26 companies that

Take advantage of open-source hardware

It does not always pay to design everything from ground up. Basing your product on a reference design or demo board can speed time to market. And on hobby projects using ready designs can help you so that you can concentrate using your time on the most interesting parts instead spending most of the time