Kinzo 18D275 Voltage Detector

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Kinzo 18D275 Voltage Detector

Postby Tomi Engdahl on Mon Mar 06, 2006 4:12 pm

Product: Kinzo 18D275 Voltage Detector
Manufacturer: Kinzo
Bought from: Anttila
Price: 5 Euros at sale (5.95 Euros list price)

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A simple to use voltage detector that is designed to be used to detect electrical voltage based on the electrical field around the conductor. Red light comes to the tip when electrical field (mains voltage) is detected.

This device can be used to detect burn fuses on mains distribution panel or to detect breaks on the wire. This can also be used to check if some wire is live or not (if the tip lights, the wire has dangerous voltage in it, if it does not light then there propably is no voltage but make also other tests and safety checks before touching).

This device is powered by two AAA batteries that were included in the package. The package says this device is designed to be used with 200-600V AC circuits (600V CAT. III rating).

Working cheap produt that does what is promised. This product feels like a "cheap" version of Fluke 1AC-A1-II / 1LAC-A-II
Non-Contact Voltage Detectors ... ac1lac.htm
type voltage detector. The Fluke model costs arond 4-5 times more.
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