alarm system to pc setup ??

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alarm system to pc setup ??

Postby Haphaz on Wed Jun 13, 2007 7:23 am

hi :)
I have an alarm system that calls a number if theres an intruder (i dont have the phone line connected) but have never used it....what I want to do is connect the phone line from the alarm system direct to my pc via the 56 k when the alarm tries to ring out (it needs a dial tone to ring out an send its data) it calls my pc, my pc answers with a handshake (or what ever) and down loads the data from the alarm.....after i get that going i want to set my pc to send me an email if the alarm rings in.
Can it be done...i guess i need some sort of simulator to make to dail tones and i guess it needs to answer no mater what number the alarm system dials and to be able to "ring " my pc so it can answer the call and download???

thx :)
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