Miscellaneous Circuits

1.    Conjuring Trick by Rev. Thomas Scarborough

2.    Static Electricity / Negative Ion Detector

3.    Perimeter Monitor

4.    Lightening Detector by Charles Wenzel ( External Link )

5.    Temperature Monitor

6.    Hot Water Tank Indicator

7.    Electromagnetic Field Detector

8.    Neon Desklamp by Rev. Thomas Scarborough

9.    Magic Wand by Rev. Thomas Scarborough

10.  Speaker Microphone Circuit

11.  Magnetic Gun by Rev. Thomas Scarborough

12.  Insect Repellant by Graham Maynard

13.  LED Torch by Rev. Thomas Scarborough

14.  Quiz Circuit

15.  Ultrasonic Dog Whistle by Tomaz Lazar

16.  Pot Plant Power by Rev. Thomas Scarborough

17.  Combinational Conjuring Trick by Rev. Thomas Scarborough

18.  Metal Detector

19.  High Quality Intercom

20.  Doorbell for the Deaf

21.  Laser Communication System by Marin Lukas

22.  IR Link by Milan Markovic

23.  A Decimal to BCD convertor by Ron J

24.  Audio Indicator

25.  Radar Detector External Link to Electronics Lab

26.  Monitor Splitter by Miroslav Adzic

27.  LED Torch by Andre

28.  LED Flasher by Andre

29.  Telephone In Use Indicator by Miroslav Adzic

30.  Privacy Circuit by Miroslav Adzic

31.  Ignition Coil Driver by Robert Dvoracek (External Link)

32.  LED Flasher by Evin Devore

33.  Wart Zapper by Rev. Thomas Scarborough

34.  Room Monitor

35.  Three Flashing LED Doorbells by Ron J

36.  Solar Flasher by QS

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