Users want more on mobiles

Survey shows how users want more on mobiles article tells about a survey conducted by ABI Research on behalf of Mirics Semiconductor Ltd. Mirics had paid for the survey because although it was commonly held that consumers wanted more bandwidth and more services to their mobile devices the company had not seen factual evidence to back that up.

The survey respondents (1000) required faster mobile access as their top priority (around 60 percent), followed by the use of the notebook, netbook or smartphone as a personal navigation device (around 40 percent). More than 50 percent of the respondents would like to use their mobile device as an electronic wallet to pay for retail goods and public transport services. The most popular request for new service was to receive live TV (25 percent), followed by VoD (about 15 percent).

To meet those need, there are going to six or seven radios in a handheld device to communicate with different networks and services. To put all those radios to one small and considerably cheap device will be challenging. Software-based modems and radio technologies could be the key technologies for those.

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