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Video conversion tools

SUPER (Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer) is a GUI to many video tools. If you need a simple, yet very efficient tool to convert (encode) any Multimedia file, without reading manuals or spending long hours training, then SUPER © is all you need. The supported tools include o FFmpeg, MEncoder, MPlayer, x264, musepack, monkey’s

LED vs Fluorescent Tubes

Are LED Fluorescent Tubes Ready for Prime Time? I got a mail on interesting survey is on LED vs Fluorescent Tubes at The survey concentrates specifically, if LED tubes are ready for widespread commercial use, and if they will replace fluorescent tubes. The writer of that blog is reaching out to a few bloggers

TDR circuit modification idea

You might know my Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) signal source circuit published on many years ago. It has worked well for me many times. Some years ago I made a modification to my own TDR unit. This simple modification allows me to use the same box also as a signal source with a wide

Transparent Car Video

Shell Corporation has an interesting advertisement for their Helix oil. Transparent Nissan 370Z is the star in this sweet engine oil ad. Shell Helix Ultra Transparent Car – The Making Of video shows you the ad and also gives you information how this is made. They use a plastic/pyrex model that simply illustrates how oil

JavaScript frameworks

Comparison of JavaScript frameworks is a table that shows the features of the most commonly used JavaScript frameworks. It is an incomplete table, but as it is a good starting point. My favourite is jQuery.

Mosaic Browser was a start

Wired article April 22, 1993: Mosaic Browser Lights Up Web With Color, Creativity tells that NCSA Mosaic 1.0, the first web browser to achieve popularity among the general public, was released this day 1993. The web in the early 1990s was mostly text. NCSA Mosaic was the first web browser with the ability to display

Piano glove

Imagine, putting on a glove and you can play the piano. Colorado State University students have created such a glove that detects the bend of a finger and plays a corresponding piano note. Gadget Freak Case #162: Magic Fingers Tickle the Ivories article tells you the details of their design. There is also a video

LEDs category created

I have been posted many articles related to LED lighting. And I think I will post more articles related to this quickly evolving field of electronics. So I created a category LEDs for all articled related to LED technologies.