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DIY projectors

There are many plans for DIY video projectors on the net: Easy DIY iPod projector, $6 Ipod Nano Projector, DIY iPod Video Projector – Requires no Power or Disassembly of the iPod, Super Sleek iPod or Other Device Video Projector and Make an iPod Video Projector. This is a good opportunity to build a simple

Touch technologies

The demand for larger displays in small handheld devices makes choosing the right touch technology critical. Choosing a touch technology for handheld-system applications tells how different touch technologies work. The article is also available in pdf format.

Make your own twitter clone

Twitter s a simple microblogging service that allows users to make posts (called tweets) of up to 140 characters that answer the question “What are you doing now?”. Twitter is one of the biggest sensations in the Web 2.0 world. If you are creative person, you might find other uses for the service like this.