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Crimping without a crimp gun

Crimping without a crimp gun video tells how to install a 0.1″ crimp connection with pliers if you don’t have a crimping tool. If you don’t have many connections to make this method works OK. I have used similar methods myself. When you need to make many connections, it is a good idea to invest

Movie industry breaks TV in USA

FCC lets movie industry selectively break your TV article says that the Federal Communications Commission decided that the movie industry can remotely disable analog video outputs on your home theater equipment to prevent you from recording certain programs. First-run movies would be to be directly sent to consumers over secure TV lines. This does not

RAM was born

May 11, 1951: RAM Is Born article tells Jay Forrester files a patent application for the matrix core memory that day. A team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology led Jay Forrester developed a three-dimensional magnetic structure code-named Project Whirlwind. In short, magnetic core memory was the first random access memory that was practical, reliable and

Eurovision Diary 2010

Production Manager Design of Eurovision 2010 Song Contest is keeping on on-line diary of the production. If you are interested in show technology and work behind big TV production, read Eurovision Diary 2010. Around one year ago I write about Eurovision 2009 diary, so if you have not read that article artier, it is now

State of Web Development

The State of Web Development 2010 report is about sur­vey of pro­fes­sional web design­ers and devel­op­ers. It includes details and analy­sis of all the responses to over 50 ques­tions cov­er­ing tech­nolo­gies, tech­niques, philoso­phies and prac­tices that today’s web pro­fes­sion­als employ. Start reading from viewing the PDF info­graphic overview.Note how unpopular Microsoft IE browser is here

LED car lights

LED car headlights are a promising technology. They have many advantages over filament bulbs (longer life, faster on/off times, lower power consumption) but the technology has still limitations. LEDs can be used as car headlight when the lighting system is specifically designed for LEDs. There are even some DIY projects for this. The current LED

ARM and Flash vs HTML5

ARM dominates the mobile phone chip design market now and has done that for some time. Since 2008 ARM has been trying to get into the subnotebook market as well with Linux-based, ARM-powered “smartbooks” that would provide an instant-on, longer-life alternative to x86-based Netbooks. Smartbooks have been delayed by Flash issues, says ARM. There has

3-D is coming soon

The fact that 3-D is a hot ticket in tech may not surprise you. The booming recent interest in 3-D video and film content are driving this. Avatar and other 3-D movies have capture the attention. The speed 3-D is headed soon to consumers’ homes may surprise. Cinema owners might not like this development, because

Restore a gadget

Usually after a few months of use, our gorgeous new gadgets incur a fair share of scratches. In most case those can be polished up to look look like brand new. How to Restore an Abused iPhone (or any gadget) tells you how to do restore an iPhone. Same ideas can be applied to other