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3D is dangerous?

WARNING: 3D Video Hazardous to Your Health headline is a bit sensational. But it is not the only one this kind of headline. The 3D Video Hazardous to Your Health article tells that prolonged viewing of 3D video may be even more harmful than the consumer electronics industry wants you to know. Especially for children.

Laptop to PA humming

A quite typical audio/visual presentation equipment nowdays in many setups includes PC, video projector, audio mixer, amplifier and speakers. Typically you run presentation software through our laptop to a projector and the audio from mics, pianos, guitars, etc to a mixer and then to power amps then to the speakers. The problem many people are

New positioning technology

GloPos Confirms Indoor Positioning Accuracy of 7.7 to 12.5 Meters in Independent Tests press release tells about a new positioning technology. GloPos, the developer of a software-only positioning technology that makes all mobile phones location aware,  has confirmed an indoor positioning accuracy of 7.7 to 12.5 meters in an independent test of its software conducted

Google HTML5 demos

Google is countering with its own HTML5 site called HTML5Rocks. HTML5Rocks features several tutorials on HTML5 feature. And there’s a code playground to let you mess around with your own code. Obviously, all of this works well in Chrome because according to Google presentation was originally meant to run in Google Chrome. Some experimental features

iPhone 4 Teardown

iPhone 4 Teardown provide a look inside this new device. For more detailed technical information on the silicon inside the iPhone 4, be sure to check out Chipworks’ in-depth analysis of the iPhone 4′s components. Chipworks will take the reader inside what makes the iPhone 4 so amazingly cool to Apple fanboys. The reviewers of

Mag-stripe readers

iPhone mag-stripe reader stalled article tells that Square, the expected to be breakthrough business launched by twitter-founder Jack Dorsey, won’t be shipping as scheduled. Interesting is that Square was just a magnetic-stripe reader, and that there were a dozen credit card-processing applications on the iPhone. Only this time, it comes with a plastic lump that

Neutral wire grounding

An ungrounded system is one in which there is no intentional connection between the system conductors and earth. When the neutral of the system is not grounded, it is possible for high voltages to appear from line to ground during normal switching of a circuit having a line to ground fault. These voltages may cause

Optical networking in broadcast studio

Optical networking is transforming the broadcast studio. The continued transition to HDTV within the professional broadcast industry, the advent of 1080p50/60 production, D-Cinema production and higher resolution / bit depth formats, are all factors driving the widespread adoption and build out of 3G SDI capable broadcast infrastructure. Optical SDI Networks: Broadcasters Beware! 2010 NAB Show

Finnish telecom industry – going to hell?

The biggest telecom operators are giving bad service. My current operator is Elisa and I am started to get pissed of their poorly working Internet connection. Packet loss of around 50% for several days makes the connection pretty useless. And this is not the first time. Why they can’t get fixed fiber optic connection working