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Saleae Logic Analyzer

If you’ve ever had a problem getting two chips to talk, or wanted to reverse engineer a protocol, a logic analyzer is the right tool for this. Logic analyzer only detects digital high and low digital states, it records many signals simultaneously and allows to dump data to a computer for analysis. Logic analyzers can

Accurately simulate an LED

Solid-state-lighting applications are quickly moving into the mainstream. Testing the driver circuit using LEDs, although easy, yields only typical results. Accurately simulate an LED article shows a circuit that you can use to test your LED drive circuit with worst-case LED parameters. You can easily tune this one transistor test circuit for any LED voltage.

SMD soldering tips

At one point or another, you will probably find yourself needing to solder a SMD (Surface Mount Device) package. Many people here might think SMD soldering is almost impossible. SMD soldering is usually a lot easier than it looks! First you need right tools. The tweezers are very important in the entire SMD soldering process.

Top 10 Format Wars

A format war occurs when two incompatible versions of a similar technology begin to compete against one another in the market. This has happened many times in audio/video field, but it is not unknown on other fields of technology. Top 10 Format Wars article tells about ten of the most famous examples. In almost every

Amplifier design books

Renowned audio design guru Douglas Self has published many audio related articles and books. Some of them can be read on the web. Self on Audio book consists of collected works from 30 years of magazine writing: all the classic preamplifier and power amplifier designs. This is really worth to read collection of articles to

LED lighting teardowns

LED-based lighting is still far from a mainstream technology, and its designs are in flux. Early SSL products are making their way onto store shelves and into inventory. LED lighting teardowns: Five lighting designs that illuminate the future of lighting article shows product examples that can indicate what direction SSL design will take, at least

Mobile TV has failed

Very much hyped Mobile TV seems to be doomed. Mobile TV bubble has been busted. Consumer uptake had never met expectations for the mobile TV service. There has been very much worldwide Mobile TV subscriber uptake than projected by many. Separate mobile TV broadcasting networks seems to be doomed to demise in most markets. DVB-H

Cable Construction Guide

Many sizes, shapes and constructions have been tried on Hifi cables. Electrical conductors have been made in many sizes, shapes and geometries. But as the dust has settled, a few design parameters have proven to be essential and several pattern has emerged. Cable Construction Guide gives a description of the general principles, pros and cons

MPEG Transport Stream Editing

Files made of Digital Television broadcast can be very large. One hour of program can easily be over two gigabytes. I had one recording from which I wanted to take a part and convert it to another format. So I needed tools to edit the file I had and convert it. The Digital Television broadcast

Web Asteroids

Have you ever visited a website and been so frustrated by the content, layout, or adverts that you’d love to destroy it? Well, now you can. This is a great game to vaporize annoying on web page. This is a special web version of Asteroids video game. Steer with the arrow-keys. Press space and it