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Music industry misfires again

RIAA Misfires, Grazes article points that the music industry has gone off the deep end. The RIAA and other music industry organizations have spent the better part of the decade fighting the digital transition, with only a shrinking business to show for. It’s time for these music execs to pull their collective heads out

Audio levels

There are almost as many opinions on how to meter and monitor audio signals as there are audio engineers. There are several standards on audio signal level metering. PrimaLED has made a nice chart World audio level scales & calibration that compares them to each other (click picture to see it bigger size). It also

System level transient voltage protection

The challenge of protecting today’s systems from transient threats is more complex than ever before. As semiconductor manufacturers introduce new wireline transmission devices built on smaller CMOS geometries, more circuit protection challenges are emerging. CommsDesign article System level transient voltage protection–Five in-depth answers to ESD questions gives answers to important questions that can ensure that

EU and cookies

EU Chews on Web Cookies article tells on Europe’s effort to regulate online “cookies”. The effort to regulate online “cookies” is crumbling, exposing how tough it is to curb the practice of tracking Internet users’ movements on the Web. EU officials see themselves as leaders on consumer-safety issues. European Union last year passed a law

Canvas Pad

The <canvas> element is a part of the HTML5 Standards specification and allows for dynamic scriptable rendering of 2D graphics. Canvas Pad demo allows you to play with the Canvas element! Update the provided example source code in your browser and press the ‘Ctrl+Enter’ key to update the Canvas real-time! The demo page is made

Android phone powered Lego robot solves Rubik’s cube

DeviceGuru reports that A Lego Mindstorms robotics kit controlled by an HTC Nexus One smartphone successfully untangled a Rubik’s Cube puzzle in 12.5 seconds at this week’s ARM developer conference in Silicon Valley. ARM principal engineer David Gilday masterminded the robotic Rubik’s Cube demo. Here’s a YouTube video showing Gilday demonstrating his latest 3x3x3 cube-solver.

Infrasound experiments

John’s Entertainment Technology Blog has an interesting series of postings related infra-sound (sounds lower in frequency you can hear): Gravesend Inn-frasound: Subsonic Show Business article says that 19Hz standing air wave may under certain conditions create sensory phenomena suggestive of a ghost. Gravesend Inn-frasound: The Experiment tells about a psychological experiment made on the effects

Gold connectors – a good or bad idea

Gold on HIFI connectors is quite much talked about subject. This article tries to give some information on gold planted connectors so you could decide case by case if they are good idea to use or not. Gold connectors are very much hyped on cable advertisements. Gold is equated with being expensive so having something