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Why 3D doesn't work

Why 3D doesn’t work and never will. Case closed. article tells about a letter is from Walter Murch, the most respected film editor and sound designer in the modern cinema (and not a big fan of 3D). The article comments on 3D cinema: dark, small, stroby, headache inducing, alienating. And expensive. The first problem is

1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and everything between

Just what is “4G,” anyway? It’s one higher than 3G, sure, but does that necessarily mean it’s better? 2G, 3G, 4G, and everything in between: an Engadget wireless primer tries to answer those and some other questions on mobile communications technologies. Here is my “short” summary of the different generations: 1G: Analogue cellphone technologies introduces

New HTML5 logo

The Worldwide Web Consortium has unveiled its HTML5 logo. W3C promotes HTML5 with new logo. Here is the HTML5 logo: The irony is that the logo is meant to clear up confusion over the HTML5 moniker. And much like Apple, Google, and Microsoft before it, the organization that oversees HTML5 has confused it with all

Prototype PCB ideas for RF parts

Using low-cost PCBs (printed-circuit boards), you can easily design a board in a few hours with nearly any CAD packag (even the free ones). Most suppliers can fabricate a PCB with line width and spacing down to 0.006 in. Make a quick-turnaround PCB for RF parts article tells that RF circuits usually need 50Ω traces

Web browser gaming

Mozilla wants to see the web browser as a new gaming platform in addition to normal browsing use. Mozilla Labs Game On is all about games built, delivered and played on the open Web and the browser. Out of the 160+ submissions to the first competition, 124 games have been selected to be showcased in

Mobile phone repair tips

I had to do some repairing for Nokia N73 mobile phone. The problems were on some buttons and charging connector. Mobile phones can be tricky to open and often use special component, which can make repairing sometime hard unless you know exactly what you do. A real goldmine for anyone attempting to star repairing a

Communicating LED lamps

LEDs are used for a long time for all kinds of data communications applications ranging from wireless IR remote controls and IrDA to wired fiber optics communication. There has been many years ago also ideas on optical wireless LANs based on infrared, but they faded quickly. But now when LED lights are becoming very popular

Lamp vs LED power

When visiting Motonet show one day I saw LED light bubs display with following match for LED bulb power to classic light bulb watts (similar idea as in energy saving lamps matches certain watts normal bulb). The power ratings I saw was: 1.3W LED would match 13W normal bulb. And 2W LED would match 20W