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Tell your IT problems in time

Our society relies increasingly on information technology (IT). In such a society, it is important that we, as citizens, trust and are satisfied with services utilizing IT. Unfortunately, IT problems in the use of services are part of our daily lives and. And they are frequently reported by the mass media. Usually most of the

How do banners affect PA sound

You can see quite often in big events that PA speakers are hidden behind large banners. Often times the event organizers want the speaker stacks covered with some client-related graphics. The question which comes to mind is how much does this kind of covering hurt the sound quality? What is the reality? Do Graphic Vinyl


Some time ago I saw an interesting video of a new gadget: The WIMM One has a worthy ambition: shifting information from your smartphone screen to your wrist. The aim is to allow you to get on with life rather than pulling your phone from your pocket every thirty seconds. WIMM is a smart watch

Computer technologies for 2012

ARM processor becomes more and more popular during year 2012. Power and Integration—ARM Making More Inroads into More Designs. It’s about power—low power; almost no power. A huge and burgeoning market is opening for devices that are handheld and mobile, have rich graphics, deliver 32-bit multicore compute power, include Wi-Fi, web and often 4G connectivity,


Packet capture is one of the most fundamental and powerful ways to do network analysis. If you think that tcpdump has been made obsolete by GUI tools like Wireshark, think again. Wireshark is a great application; it’s just not the right tool for the job in every situation. tcpdump uses a “one-off-command” approach that lends

Electronics technologies for 2012

Product engineering organizations face the incredible challenge of ever shrinking market windows for innovation in 2012. Due to globalization, increasing competition and rapidly changing technology, there are many risks and uncertainties facing the new product development path. These opportunities if missed, can lead to huge costs and overwhelming complexity that can compromise quality and lead

130-Year-Old Sound Recordings

Playback: 130-Year-Old Sounds Revealed article tells that in the early 1880s, three inventors—Alexander Graham Bell, Chichester Bell and Charles Sumner Tainter, collectively making up the Volta Laboratory Associates—brought together their creativity and expertise to record sound. These recordings were made using a variety of methods and materials such as rubber, beeswax, glass, tin foil and

SparkFun: Why Open Source?

Over the past few years, SparkFun has had some amazing success. And that’s due in no small amount to the idea of open source. SparkFun: Why Open Source? article tells about how SparkFun ended up open sourcing many of their electronics products.

The Commodore 64 is 30

Commodore 64 was the most successful 8-bit micro ever according to The Commodore 64 is 30 article. Commodore 64 made its public debut at the 1982 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), though it wouldn’t go into production until later in the year before going on sale in the US market in August and few months later