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Got my Raspberry Pi

I just got my Raspberry Pi computer board some time ago. When I cam back from vacation trip I finally had time to test the board. I downloaded the software from Raspberry Pi homepage. I started my testing with Raspbian “wheezy” OS version because that is the image Raspberry Pi creators recommend you use. It

Wireless Internet inside plane

I just used reasonably priced wireless Internet in plane. I flew yesterday with Norwegian Boeing 737 plane. When the plane took off there was a surprising announcement on the plane: This plane has a free wireless Internet system on board. As soon as the plane is in flying altitude and the fasten your seatbelt light

Can Maintenance Make Data Centers Less Reliable?

Is preventive maintenance on data center equipment not really that preventive after all? Can Maintenance Make Data Centers Less Reliable? With human error cited as a leading cause of downtime, a vigorous maintenance schedule can actually make a data center less reliable, according to some industry experts. Is Maintenance Making Your Facility Less Reliable? article