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10 Useless tech gadgets

10 Useless tech gadgets article tells that that people just keep improving technology and new inventions keep popping up wherever you look. Some of them are useful and some of them are quite the opposite. Take a look at these ten gadgets that appear to be of no use. The list of course includes The

HTML 5.0 and 5.1

HTML 5 specification might get ready (up to certain point at least) in few years if we are are lucky. W3C reveals plan to finish HTML5 and HTML 5.1 article tells that the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) says it’s still on track to release the final HTML5 specification in 2014. The plan (not yet officially

Photo manipulation tools

I have long time used GIMP as my main image manipulation tool when making images for It can do all the normal image manipulation needed well. Some days ago I found a new interesting image manipulation tool called FotoSketcher. FotoSketcher is free program for Windows which converts your digital photos into art automatically. It

Save online videos for off line viewing

Nowadays Internet if full of videos you can watch. Sometimes you might want to watch videos in place where you don’t have fast Internet connection. A good solution to this problem is to save the videos you want to your computer hard disk and view them from there. In many on-line video sites you can

Programming a Wearable Android Device

Programming a Wearable Android Device article tells that Dr. Dobb’s reviews an alternative to Google Glass and goes through the steps of coding your own Android-based Heads-Up Display in Hacking for Fun: Programming a Wearable Android Device article. Hacking for Fun: Programming a Wearable Android Device takes a look at Recon Instruments’ MOD Live Heads-Up

Google's Android celebrates fourth birthday

Google’s Android celebrates fourth birthday on Sunday, September 23. Android version 1.0 ‘pushed out’ ion 23 September 2008 (Android origins go back years before that). Android has turned to be huge success in those four years: Android had become the world’s leading smartphone platform with 500 million Android devices activated. Platform versions page provides data

AC vs DC power in data center

There has been a debate going on for some years if the traditional AC or new DC power distribution is best approach to power a data center. The DC power side has been pushing their technology with claims of quite considerable power savings. In many published articles, expected improvements of 10% to 30% in efficiency

Raspberry Pi Hits 1GHz

Rasberry Pi has given a ‘Turbo Mode’ by The Raspberry Pi Foundation, thus enabling overclocking. Raspberry Pi Clocks 1GHz with Official ‘Turbo Mode’ Patch article tells that the new ‘turbo mode’ will bump up the processor’s frequency to as high as 1GHz as long as the temperature stays below 85°C. The patch would dynamically up

Get rid of IE now!

Internet Explorer users have been told in many sources many times (including my blog): ditch the IE application and switch to another browser, pronto. There is a a new serious hole that’s exploitable by visiting a malicious Website: The site owner can take possession of the computer used for surfing. This critical zero-day bug in