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Friday Fun: Fishing under ice

Summer is starting and weather is getting hot, so look at this cool Fishing under ice (ORIGINAL). It contains some beautiful views under ice views from a lake in Finland. To get the idea where the amazing visuals come from, watch the entire video to the very end: they are underwater and upside down. If

Lights and brain cells

Researchers have long been trying to discover the mysteries of the brain, as well as target areas within to control behaviors. Optogenetics might be a relatively unknown area of neuroscience. Researchers inject tiny LEDs into the brain to control behavior article tells that for almost 15 years, scientists have been experimenting with optogenetics, a new

Fiber-optic testing

Fiber-optic testing: Keeping it simple in the field article tells in the telecommunications industry today, testing is one of the most confusing and misunderstood phases of installing a fiber-optic system. While misunderstood, optical-fiber testing is one of the final and most important procedures in installing optical networks.


There seems to be a push for all kinds of ARM based development boards. pcDuino looks to be another interesting ARM platform that runs Linux. The name comes from Mini PC + Arduino. pcDuino is a mini PC platform that runs PC like OS such as Ubuntu and Android ICS. It outputs screen to HDMI.

Noise Reduction and Isolation in Measurement

Grounding, or connecting some part of an electrical circuit to ground ensures safety for personnel and it usually improves circuit operation. Unfortunately, a safe environment and a robust ground system often do not happen simultaneously. It takes planning based on systematically understanding how electricity behaves in various types of circuits. Preventing electrical shocks and electrical

Duemilanove 2009 Atmega 328P SCM Board

I needed one more Arduino board, so I planned to check out this cheap (US$14.30) Duemilanove 2009 Atmega 328P SCM Board with USB Cable board. This is a clone of the Arduino Duemilanove with several enhancements not available in the original Arduino. The most important that is on board 2.54 grid male pin headers an

Friday Fun: 14 Ways To Reward Your Motivation

Congratulations, you did it! The small things are exhausting, so kudos to you for getting through the day. 14 Ways To Reward Your Motivation article show you some ways to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Relax. You deserve it. This article is full of funny GIF animations.

CrashPlan backup software and service

Availability of reasonably priced fast broadband connections has made making off-site backups of computers over Internet feasible. This kind of off site backup business started with expensive small off-site storage services (few gigabytes of storage many dollars/euros per month). That business is then competed with small free off-site storage services (for example Dropbox, Google Drive,

Arduino Sensor Shield

I ordered some time ago Arduino Sensor Shield v4.0 because it is an easy way to connect input and output devices to Arduino. Arduino Sensor Shield provides three pin (ground, voltage, signal) interface for connecting all kinds of sensors (potentiometer, button, LDR etc.) and output devices (relay cards, servos etc..) to Arduino. The Arduino Sensor

Tietoturva nyt! 2013 – data security now

Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority Viestintävirasto had a Tietoturva nyt! 2013 security seminar two weeks ago. Viestintävirasto has now published the seminar presentations. Most of the presentations are in Finnish, but there are also four presentations in English. If networking and cyber security interests you those are worth to check.