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Friday Fun: Photoshop Live

Advertisement with your own image, what the heck? Photoshop Live – Street Retouch Prank does that. Cool. Good idea and nice implementation. Is this the future of advertisement? In the video the people waiting for bus are immersed in the advertisement with help of image editing software and image editing artists. Victims of reactions ranging

Keeping Your Data Private From the NSA

For the last week news sources have been full of controversy over the NSA’s controversial PRISM surveillance program (check the latest comments on my Security trends for 2013 article) after top-secret slides detailing the massive electronic surveillance programme were leaked last week by ex-CIA techie Edward Snowden. If those newspaper reports are accurate, the NSA’s

Fujifilm HS20 camera wired external trigger

I own Fujifilm HS20EXR digital camera that use to take photos for this blog. One day I thought I wanted to have a wired external trigger. The ready made cables seemed to be expensive and/or hard to find. So I used the DIY approach: search for needed details from Internet and then build my own

USB and Ethernet audio

Over the last decade the way we find, store, and listen to music has undergone a huge change. Online media has changed many aspects of the audio industry, but some things just don’t change. The debate over audio quality still goes on. Ethernet AVB, USB Audio Class 2.0 aid audio quality article discusses on some

Wifi gesture control

Gesture control uses WiFi doppler shift article tells that researchers at University of Washington have built a WiFi-based gesture control system. The system uses doppler shift in Wifi signal combined with Software-Define Radio (SDR) to detect humans moving near the devices. The researchers see WiSee as a novel interaction interface that leverages ongoing wireless transmissions

USB Fume Extractor Idea

USB Fume Extractor project combines a small craft box, 12v case fan, aquarium carbon filter, dc boost converter and some basic electronic components to create a USB powered fume extractor which treats your lungs to some clean air when soldering. Check the USB Fume Extractor video how the project works: USB Fume Extractor was designed

Ethtool and iftop

Ethtool allows you to modify your Ethernet adapter settings inside of Linux. Fun with ethtool article tells you how you can use it for various tasks. You can easily get driver information and statistics with command: ethtool -i eth0 Ever had to trace what physical network card was recorded in linux as ethX? Follow the