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Smart phones and water

Yle news wrote a few days ago in Ei tippa tapa – paitsi älypuhelimen article that sweating or wet hair can easily destroy an expensive smart phone worth of hundreds of Euros. Most smart phones withstand poorly water and moisture, but consumers rarely put any effort in protecting their devices on many every day situations.


A new Finnish electronics magazine Elektroniikkalehti has been created. I heard about it yesterday at Mittaus & Testaus. Elektroniikkalehti describes itself as the main news source for professionals in the Finnish electronics industry. The magazine is in Finnish and available only in electronics versions (website, newsletter, RSS). Elektroniikkalehti is targeted to electronics professionals, ranging from

Measuring and testing fair going on in Finland

Today and tomorrow (28.–29.8.2013) is MITTAUS & testaus fair in Helsinki, Finland. This measuring and testing professionals first event is held in AEL at Malminkartano Helsinki. The event is intended for automation and electronics industry, electric power, computer and telecommunication equipment for measurement, testing and maintenance professionals. I visited the event today and I can

Raspberry Pi media player works with Elisa Viihde

Earlier I have written how I configured my Raspberry Pi configured for media playback. Then on comments I write how XBMC-Elisa-Viihde-plugin started to fail and I could not solve the issues (normal update, plugin uninstall/install and even full reinstall did not work). Now I finally have success with my Raspberry Pi media player. Reinstalling the

10 single-board computers for under $100

Since the coming of the Raspberry Pi Model B, single-board computers (SBCs) have become a prevalent force in the development world. The biggest-little revolution: 10 single-board computers for under $100 article tells that these pocket-sized devices have taken the online maker community in particular by storm, providing PC functionality to a plethora of open-source projects

Acronym definitions

The fields of electronics, computers and telecommunications is filled with acronyms. To help in surviving on this world of acronyms I started to compile in the 1990′s my own list of acronyms, and you can find my collection of acronym definitions (over 19000 definitions) at acronym search. You should be able to find most

Friday fun: Free yourself from Facebook

Hopelessly addicted to email, social networking, or other online distractions? Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff created Pavlov Poke to wean themselves off Facebook and finish their dissertations. While this project is intended to be a joke, the project creators believe a serious discussion is needed about how communication technologies are designed. In the technical

H-bridge ideas

An H-bridge is an electronic circuit that enables a voltage to be applied across a load in either direction. They are useful in many applications, especially when you need to make a DC motors to run forwards and backward. H-bridges are available as integrated circuits, or can be built from discrete components. Here are first

Electronics lab electrical power

Here are some tips how to arrange electrical power distribution on a small electrical lab (for example home lab). Grounded power outlet: The power that comes to your electrical lab should be grounded for your safety. Most everyone has 3-prong electrical outlets in their homes, with the third prong being called the “ground.” Extension cords