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Halloween hacking ideas

Halloween is coming soon. It is time to prepare scary hacks. Different web pages show Halloween hacking ideas. Here are links to so ideas picked from different sources: Halloween Knock Box. So what is it anyway? Well, as the name implies, when you knock on it, it knocks back. And if you knock on it

A Live Map of Ongoing DDoS Attacks

I just saw yesterday an interesting Digital Attack Map This Live Map of Ongoing DDoS Attacks is a Digital Attack Map that was produced in a collaborative effort by Google Ideas and Arbor Networks to raise awareness about distributed denial of service attacks that try to choke or shutdown websites. Typical reasons for attacks: sites

Software defined radio with USB DVB-T stick

Software-defined radio (SDR) has been a hot topic for many years. Software-defined radio (SDR) is a radio communication system where components that have been typically implemented in hardware (e.g. mixers, filters, amplifiers, modulators/demodulators, detectors, etc.) are instead implemented by means of software on a personal computer or embedded system. There has been many even free

Raspberry Pi-based Kickstarter projects

Raspberry Pi has seem to have boosted people to innovate. People have designed very many Cool uses for the Raspberry Pi. There seems to be starting quite a bit of business around Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi celebrates a million boards made in the UK article tells that just few months a go one-millionth board manufactured

Teardown: Relay DIN rail base

Here is a tear-down of one automation product. It is a relay base made by Phoenix Contact. As you can see is is a pretty normal looking relay product you see on automation systems. It mounts to DIN rail. As you can see in the picture the whole product is designed for 48V DC operation.

Anti-shoplifting tags teardown

Thixotropy article tells about the technology of anti-shoplifting tags used on store merchandise. They are high-Q tank circuits which if carried between a transmitting and receiving panel at a store’s doorway, they enhance 9 MHz signal propagation between those two panels and the alarm goes off. When a purchase is made, the store clerk deactivates

VGA over UTP

I have written about sending video signals over UTP cable. I have covered single composite video signal and audio. Now it is time to discuss sending VGA over UTP cable. Some DIY people (including me) have built different kind of adapters from VGA connector to RJ-45 connector. In best cases simple passive connection between those

What's Inside Google Glass?

Google’s latest and hottest gadget Google Glass needs little introduction because it has been on tech news many times. The core chips powering Google Glass: What’s Inside Google Glass? article shows you the electronics inside this gadget. a TI OMAP4430, 16GB of SanDisk flash, an Elpida mobile DRAM chip. The main board also holds RF

High-power LEDs don’t generate IR? True or false?

I just read an interesting article True or false? High-power LEDs don’t generate IR heat in the forward direction like a filament lamp that give something to think about on LED technology. I and you have for sure read that a high power LED emits no UV or IR and that any heat is created