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Arduino Day

Did you know today is Arduino day? Neither did I know that 29th March is Arduino Day, but I learned that when Hackaday write about it.

Prank Ideas For April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day (April 1st) is fast approaching, so several web sites (including this) offer a few prank ideas. There are two articles even with same name:  25 Brilliant Prank Ideas For April Fools’ Day and 25 Brilliant Prank Ideas For April Fools Day.  Check also 25 Best April Fools’ Day gags, hoaxes, pranks and

Friday Fun: Generic Brand Video

Are you tired of generic advertisments? Generic advertising and promotion is promotion of a particular commodity without reference to a specific producer, brand name, or manufacturer. Typically  commodity promotion programs use generic advertising to expand total demand for the commodity, thereby helping their own sales as well. Sometimes big international companies put out similar looking

“Classic” Live Mic List

There are as many opinions about microphones as there are sound engineers. The people who have worked a long time in the field have experimented with many microphones, but what if you’re just starting out, or you need to mic something you haven’t worked with before? The writer of Control Geek blog decided to develop

Linux Performance Analysis and Tools

I just watched though Linux Performance Analysis and Tools: Brendan Gregg’s Talk at SCaLE 11x. It is an interesting talk is about Linux Performance Analysis and Tools: specifically, observability tools and the methodologies to use them. It goes through over 20 Linux performance analysis tools, including advanced perf and DTrace for Linux, showing the reasons

Hack language

It seems that almost every big IT company needs to have their own programming language nowadays. It seems that every few months someone announces a new fad language, despite most of them them rarely bringing anything new to the table, or the new things they do bring not being significant enough to warrant switching from

USB to RS485 Adapter

I needed to interface PC to some RS-485 test circuits, so I decided to try this cheap USB to RS485 Adapter – Black + Green adapter for that. I selected this specifically because of the cheap price (it is considerably cheaper than anything else I have seen for the same purpose). There should not be

Hello World Open 2014 coding competition

I read from Tietoviikko and Facebook today that the first computer programming championships is going to be held in Finland this spring. Hello World Open 2014 competition will be held this spring in Helsinki. The competition is hosted by two Finnish IT companies: technology company Reaktor and very successful mobile gaming company Supercell. The organizers want