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Basic is 50 years old

A programming language familiar to all, BASIC, has turns 50 years old. This month, BASIC celebrates an anniversary reached by very few languages: 50 years of continuous use. Basic Turns 50 article looks back on 50 years of attracting (and repelling) new programmers. It’s difficult to imagine the computing world in 1964. There were no

DIY Smartphone?

How about making your own smarphone? Making a cell phone or smart phone is not out of reach for clever hardware hacker. If you are planning to make a simple cell phone, ArduinoPhone project shows how you can build one. Or you can check the platforms used to build the cheapest cell phones. Are you looking

Light field photography

Lytro changed photography some years ago when it introduced light field photography technology. At that time Lytro introduced pocket digital camera that has adjustable focus that you can adjust afterwards. First lit looked like just a gimmick, but it seems that the idea has got wider interest that just this one product: several smart phone


One friend mentioned this: littleBits makes an opensource library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets for prototyping, learning, and fun. Looks interesting. There are even instructions how to join littleBits to LEGO. All the  modules are open source, check  GitHub for Eagle boards and schematics for all the littleBits modules. The aim

50 Billion ARM Chips

A few weeks ago ARM celebrated its partners shipping over 10 billion ARM based chips in 2013. The bigger story was that the 10 billion in 2013 brought the cumulative total for ARM based processors to over 50 billion. Anandtek has nice articles where did those ARM processors go and how ARM business model works.

IO with Arduino and Android

I was some day wondering how to connect IO to Android smartphone or tablet. One well known option is to use IOIO or IOIO-OTG board connected to Android device USB port. The IOIO (pronounced “yo-yo”) is a board specially designed to work with Android devices and robust connectivity to an Android device via a USB

Bang good web shop

I have bout a lot of stuff from Dealextreme web shop that I mentioned some years ago at  my blog posting. I can still recommend that place like I did years ago. Now I have found another interesting looking place which have similar products sometimes even cheaper prices. Bang Good at has a lot