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Friday Fun: the Pains of Being an Engineer

Here are two funny engineering videos for this weekend: The Expert is A Hilarious Sketch About the Pain of Being the Only Engineer in a Business Meeting. Watch it. Engineers is a funny music video full of Engineer Memes. After seeing this for the first time I asked myself: The heck did I just watch?

IBOX Review

This is a review of  IBOX Mini multi-function single board computer from iTead Studio. The iBox has received some fame by raising funds through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo (it exceeded the intended target considerably). A friend gave tip that iTead Studio was looking for bloggers to review the iBox product. I submitted request to them

Raspberry Pi Compute Module

New embedded boards seem to be coming all the time. The newest in the news is from developers of Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi foundation has a solution for the odd layout of the normal, consumer Pi:  The Raspberry Pi compute module, a Raspi and 4GB flash drive, sans connectors, on an industry standard DDR2

Intelnet of things

Intel chip revenue declined in 2013 as worldwide total grew by five percent due to a focus on dwindling PC market. Intel is trying to get new growth by trying to enter actively to mobile and Internet-of-Things application. Internet of Things (IoT) is being driven by the convergence of increasingly connected devices, cloud computing, and

The NSA Archive

The suspicions the National Security Agency has gone far beyond its mandate of gathering information for counter-terrorism and foreign intelligence purposes were confirmed when, on June 5, 2013, The Guardian released the first in a series of documents provided by Edward Snowden detailing the NSA’s unlawful spying activities. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has

Embedded Experience Blog

Embedded Experience Blog is a blog worth to check out. It talks about all aspects of Embedded Systems: technology news, hacking projects, popular electronics, industry trends, reviews, and forecasts, etc. You can find it at The writer is Chief Technology Officer of Espotel, a company that design embedded solutions for other companies.  

Electrical safety

Yesterday I passed SFS6002 electrical safety course and got SFS 6002 käytännössä book. SFS 6002 electrical safety training is for all electrical work in Finland engaged in compulsory education, which must be renewed every five years. Now I know somewhat more than before on electrical safety related to electrical installations. SFS6002 is a Finnish standard