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My IoT model

Here is my Internet of Thing communications model:   This model tries to cover at least the most IoT situations. The idea in this model is to describe the IoT communications at suitably accurate level to cover normal situations. A real-life implementation can have all those part or it can have more than one step

Oculus open-sources original Rift

This is a cool addition to open sourced hardware announcements: Oculus open-sources original Rift developer kit’s firmware, schematics, and mechanics. When Oculus DK2 out, Oculus decided it was time to put out the DK1 virtual reality kit technical details to the community. Kicking off the Oculus Connect conference in Los Angeles this weekend, Oculus’s Nirav

iPhone 6 teardowns

Techcrunch claims that Apple’s brand new iPhone 6 is the best smartphone. I have not had my hands on one to make my judgements on that. But I am interested to see what is inside this new gadget. iPhone6 is brabd new, but iFixit has already done iPhone 6 Teardown and iPhone 6 Plus Teardown

Quantum Photonics News

Two interesting recent news related to quantum photonics: Quantum Photonics article tells that Researchers from Nanjing University, Beijing Institute of Aerospace Control Devices, and Southeast University, Nanjing, in China have demonstrated the creation of entangled photons and their manipulation on a single chip.  The researchers used lithium niobate (LN) as the material for the chip. Launched Code Studio

There are many initiatives to get people to know basics of programming. The current thinking seems to be that anybody can learn to code if concepts are introduced in the right way.‘s mission is to get coding into curriculums for students. It is known for example on projects like Computer Science Education Week and