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Audio and video trends 2015

MEMS mics are taking over. Almost every mobile device has ditched its old-fashioned electret microphone invented way back in 1962 at Bell Labs. Expect new piezoelectric MEMS microphones, which promise unheard of signal-to-noise ratios (SNR) of up to 80 dB (versus 65 dB in the best current capacitive microphones) in 2015. MEMS microphones are growing like

Computer trends for 2015

Here are comes my long list of computer technology trends for 2015: Digitalisation is coming to change all business sectors and through our daily work even more than before. Digitalisation also changes the IT sector: Traditional software package are moving rapidly into the cloud.  Need to own or rent own IT infrastructure is dramatically reduced.

Security trends for 2015

Year 2014 is coming to end, so it is time to look forward what to expect from year 2015 in cyber security. Cyber security will get harder year y year. Year 2014 was much worse than 2013. Heartbleed, Bash, and POODLE vulnerabilities were just the beginning of what to expect in 2015. I expect that