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Windows 10 for Robotics Demo

Microsoft is trying to push Windows 10 to all directions, including embedded systems and robotics, in their Build 2015 event. Windows 10 is now available for the Raspberry Pi 2 and Intel Minnowboard Max. To demonstrate that could be done Microsoft also showed off a Raspberry Pi-powered robot during the Build keynote. blog has

Aftermath Web 2014

Here is a my look back on web development trends from 2014. 2014 was quite a year, and things did not in all details turn out as predicted on some predictions. I did not make my own predicions specifically on web development, but my computer trends 2014 posting had some web related predictions. Web is still

What to expect from Microsoft

What to expect from Microsoft in the near future? Microsoft starts Build event today, and there are expectations that it will offer views what to come. What to expect from Microsoft’s most important event of the year article tells that Build starts Wednesday and it’s going to be big. For Microsoft, 2015 is a year

Laser diodes history

Once the weaklings of the laser world, unable to emit a few milliwatts continuously at room temperature, laser diodes have become workhorses. Today they power the Internet, pump multikilowatt lasers, and weld plastics. There’s a lot of innovation in those tiny chips. Photonic Frontiers: Laser diodes: Looking back/Looking forward: Laser diodes have come a long