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Ubuntu on Windows 10

Could Microsoft’s love for Linux be extending into Windows 10 territory? Microsoft to show Bash on Linux running on Windows 10 article says that newly leaked session title from Microsoft’s upcoming Build 2016 developer conference has us Microsoft watchers speculating that you’ll soon be able to run Ubuntu on Windows 10. Microsoft and Canonical partner

Linux at 25: Why It Flourished While Others Fizzled – IEEE Spectrum

Linux at 25: Why It Flourished While Others Fizzled – IEEE Spectrum Linux was started 25 years ago in Finland by Linus Torvalds. Look at the history and reasons why it started revolution. Today linux rules on servers, smart phones and embedded systems. After that you should also read Linux at 25: Q&A With

Second bad fluorescent starter

On my earlier Bad safety starter posting I told about problems in one electronic fluorescent starter Axxel S10. I was wondering if this was a problem was on just this one unit I had or was it a more widespread problem problem (manufacturing or design error). Now I suspect manufacturing or design problems, because second

Bad safety starter

In my earier posting LED tube replaces fluorescent I wrote that due real Fluorescent lamp fire danger I have pretty much tried to get rid of potentially dangerous tradtional starters in the fuorescent lamps. So I replaced the starter with electronic safety model – if bulb does not start, it will stay off without heating.