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Qi charger board analysis

I have written several postings on Qi wireless power. To get a good idea how Qi really works, I bought cheap bare Qi charger board Qi Wireless Charger PCBA Circuit Board + Coil Charging (costs only slightly over two Euros / USD).Qi Wireless Charger PCBA Circuit Board + Coil Charging kit consists ofQi Wireless Charger

Audio over Ethernet (AoE) in 2016

I have written several earlier on audio over Ethernet technologies. Audio over Ethernet (AoE) is the use of an Ethernet-based network to distribute real-time digital audio. It is designed to replace bulky snake cables and fixed wiring with standard network structured cabling. Most AoE systems use proprietary protocols (at the higher OSI layers) which create

Why Wi-Fi Stinks—and How to Fix It – IEEE Spectrum This article is a very good overview on today’s WiFi wireless networking problems. WiFi is so popular that it works more or less baddly for many users. And new standards that promise more speed do not make WiFi more reliable.