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13 things drones are doing besides flying around your yard | TechCrunch Everyone who’s flown around a drone knows that they’re a lot of fun. But they’re being used all over the world for more serious purposes — after all, an autonomous flying vehicle is a great place to start for all kinds of applications, from delivery to archaeology.

Fiber optic termination and splicing

We terminate fiber optic cable two ways – with connectors that can mate two fibers to create a temporary joint and/or connect the fiber to a piece of network gear or with splices which create a permanent joint between the two fibers. According to Which field-termination method best fits your fiber-optic LAN? article over the

Friday Fun: IKEA Release DJ Table Strong Enough To Hold Five Attention Seeking DJs At Once Swedish furniture giant IKEA have pounced on a gap in the EDM market and are planning to roll out a new DJing table specifically designed for the EDM DJs. The desk can reportedly hold four to five egocentric EDM DJs at a time. “Some DJs in the underground prefer the tactic of actually playing good music

Security Tools to Check for Viruses and Malware on Linux | Wait, Linux needs antivirus and anti-malware solutions? I thought it was immune to such things. Perhaps a bit of clarification is necessary here. First and foremost, no operating system is 100 percent immune to attack.  Whether you need an antivirus or anti-malware scanner or a tool to hunt for rootkits, Linux has you covered.