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Open Source Game Clones This site tries to gather open-source remakes of great old games in one place. You get the source code – and can even play some games in your browser. This is a long list which will bring back gaming memories. Some of these games aren’t exact remakes but evolution of original ones.  Similar resources: check out Free Gamer,

Dead bug prototyping

Dead bug prototyping “Dead bug style” circuit wiring is the cute name for soldering together components without a printed circuit board. The “dead bug” is the integrated circuit flipped upside down with its “legs” sticking up. The chips can be glued to almost any surface, but most often the surface material is circuit board with

Report Scores Cities to See if Technology Makes Them Safer – IEEE Spectrum  More and more people are migrating to cities. By 2030, 60 percent of the world’s population will live in an urban setting, according to the United Nations. How can these growing cities reduce conflicts, crime, violence, and terrorism? In a word: technology. 

Performing & Preventing SSL Stripping: A Plain-English Primer Article on SSL security.   It is beyond doubt that it is simply not secure to blindly trust the medium that connects your users to the internet. HTTPS was created to allow HTTP traffic to be transmitted in encrypted form  This blog post presents a plain-english primer on how HTTPS protection can be stripped and

These Explosions Show Why the FAA Doesn’t Want Laptops in Luggage The US government wants a “laptop ban” on planes. But this time, it’s to prevent fliers from putting large electronics, like laptops, into their checked luggage. Is it safe to stow electronics—especially those with lithium-ion batteries—in cargo holds? It seems that lithiun-ion batteries combined with some other flammable items in cargo can make a very dangerous flammable

Friday Fun: Hippo gets a pumpkin for a Halloween treat Everyone loves Halloween, including the hippos at the i Zoo, because they get to chomp down on delicious pumpkins. Because hippo mouth was compared to press, here is bonus video: Hydraulic press vs pumpkin

Introduction to Injection Molding – Hackster’s Blog Unless your electronic product will be marketed solely to DIYers and electronics hobbyists it’s going to need an enclosure. Most likely this enclosure will be made of plastic that is injection molded to right shape. Injection molding is going be a big part of your journey to market so you need to understand injection molding

Winter has came

Winter weather with snow has just came to southern Finland. Snow is not extreme weather here. Life, traffic and bisiness goes on normally here – snow does not stop anything here.