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LoRaWAN Cellular NB-IoT Power Consumption Comparison The intent of this post is not to say which technology is better or worse. But, rather to show how Cellular IoT and LoRaWAN complement each other. Battery lifetime is by far one of the most important considerations for LPWAN applications because often it is very expensive to replace batteries physically. It will ruin

It’s Not Just Facebook That Knows A Horrifying Amount Of Stuff About You | IFLScience It’s Not Just Facebook That Knows A Horrifying Amount Of Stuff About You. Following the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, many people are expressing concern about Facebook and how much it knows about them. “If the product is free, you are the product. If they’re making money, they probably have a lot of your data

Makerspaces could be the secret to making smart cities smart | World Economic Forum The suite of new technologies now coming online – from low-cost complex sensors to big data and machine learning – have the ability to map the inflows and outflows of goods and services, allowing cities to precision-track patterns of consumption and waste production. As we speak, maker communities around the world are helping to

Failed car USB charger teardown

Here is teardown of one cheap car USB charger. It failed after few years of use. Outside Inside Electronics As you can see the fail was in soldering that connected two circuit boards. The fail had ripped of solder pads from circuit board. The soldering quality on some other places also questionable. There is simple

Know how RESTful your API is: An Overview of the Richardson Maturity Model – RHD Blog Let’s say we designed a REST API. How do we know how much Restful API is? Some developers call it “Not Restful API”, some call it “Partially Restful API”, for some, it is “Fully Restful API”, and for some “It is not REST API at all or they call it SOAP based web service”.

Transistor tester M12864 advanced version

I have earlier tested basic DIY Electronics Tester Kit M168 and more advanced Component tester M12864. Now it is time to test the next improved version of the same idea: Original Hiland DIY M12864 Graphics Version LCR ESR PWM Transistor Tester Kit (was on sale for less than 10 Euros) This kit has same display

The web will soon be a little safer with TLS 1.3 Transport Layer Security version 1.3 promises to make encrypted connections on the web faster and more resistant to snooping. The approval of TLS 1.3 has been long in coming for four years. The IETF approval is a big step towards the standard being adopted by big companies, web services, and other, higher-level standards. You