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This 3D-printed AI construct analyzes by bending light | TechCrunch Machine learning systems, which we frequently refer to as a form of artificial intelligence, at their heart are just a series of calculations made on a set of data. The calculations themselves aren’t particularly complex. Researchers from UCLA show that those calculations can be implemented optically with 3D-printed layers of transparent material, imprinted with

Helsinki’s sprawling underground tunnel network offers shelter from Russia’s potential threat – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Finland underground: Beneath Helsinki’s surface lies nearly 500 separate underground facilities and 300 kilometres of tunnels that snake their way throughout the city. Since the 1960s the city has excavated nearly 9 million cubic metres of that tough granite. Most of the areas are for public use, and include car parks, railway tunnels, wastewater

Android P’s final beta preview is live | TechCrunch Android just dropped Beta 4 for Android P, marking the last preview milestone before the full version launches. The release is primarily focused on developers. It seems that the still unnamed mobile OS version is just around the corner — promised to arrive at some point later this summer.

Google Cloud goes all-in on hybrid with its new Cloud Services Platform | TechCrunch The cloud isn’t right for every business. Be that because of latency constraints at the edge, regulatory requirements or because sometimes own data center is cheaper. So the vast majority of enterprises today use both public and private clouds in parallel. The two services at the core of new offering from Google are the

Huawei tablet repair

I had a Huawei MediaPad T3 10″ (AGS-L09) tablet with broken glass. The repair at the official repair center costs more than buying a new tablet (both around 150 Euros), so repairing does not make much sense. How about a DIY repair for broken screen? It seems to be doable according to several repair videos.