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The Car in the Age of Connectivity: Enabling Car to Cloud Connectivity – IEEE Spectrum Advancements in enabling connected cars are astonishing. Today, we are witnessing a radical reimagining of the automobile. Advances in connectivity are creating opportunities in the automotive industry. Dashboard navigation, infotainment systems, and Bluetooth-enabled dashboards are a glimmer of what is coming in the not-so- distant future. By 2018, automobiles with connected capabilities were almost

Happy 10th anniversary, Android | TechCrunch It has been 10 years since Google took the wraps off the G1, the first Android phone. Since that time the OS has grown from buggy, nerdy iPhone alternative to arguably the most popular (or at least populous) computing platform in the world. This article is a brief retrospective on the last decade of

Linus Torvalds and Linux Code of Conduct: 7 myths debunked Since Linus Torvalds announced he was taking time off to work on his behaviorin the Linux developer community and a new Linux kernel developer Code of Conduct (CoC) was introduced, there has been hysterical myths regarding what’s happening. No, protesting programmers are not removing code from Linux; there are no purges of politically incorrect

Stephen Colebourne’s blog: Do not fall into Oracle’s Java 11 trap Java 11 has been released. It is a major release. In addition to new features Oracle have also set it up to be a trap (either deliberately or accidentally). For 23 years, developers have downloaded the JDK from Oracle and used it for $free. But not anymore as earlier as it commercial that needs

Gaffa tape

Gaffer tape (also known as gaffer’s tape or gaff tape) is a heavy cotton cloth pressure-sensitive tape with strong adhesive and tensile properties. It is widely used in theatre, photography, film and television production. A common application for gaffer tape is securing cables to a stage floor, podium, or other surface, either for safety or

Remote powering video

Remote powering implies that the power equipment is not local but some distance away. It is an alternative to commercial power, which can be hard to get and/or expensive. Remote means that the powering and powered equipment are in separate buildings or at different external locations inside same building. This posting about remote powering in

Friday Fun: Bad Engineering Jokes

Why was the inductor watching the news? Bad Jokes – Electrical Engineering Edition Two atoms at the bar: I think I lost an electron. Are you sure? I’m positive! What are the favourite footwear of a digital design engineer? Flip flops Why is getting shocked by AC more painful than DC? AC has more Hertz.

Common audio cables

Cables are a critical component of any audio system. There are mainly two types of audio cables available in the market; balanced (two signal wires and a ground wire) and unbalanced (one signal wire and one ground wire). Signals in all types of wires are conveyed by the combination of voltage and current. Reducing analog

Oscilloscope with Arduino tutorials

Oscilloscope and Arduino are tools for modern makers. Here are some videos and articles that combine together Arduino and oscilloscopes: Learn Oscilloscope Basics with an Arduino Uno | AddOhms #28 Using an Oscilloscope and an Arduino Improve your Arduino programming skills – The budget oscilloscope. For more details, read the following articles: Learn Six Oscilloscope