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Friday Art: The Magic Of Japan Streets At Night

Photographer Jun Yamamoto Captures The Magic Of Japan Streets At Night Vibrant night urban shots by Jun Yamamoto a.k.a. jungraphy, a talented self-taught photographer, and retoucher currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

Bluetooth 5.1 location technology demo

Last week when I visited Arrow IoT summit I saw Bluetooth location services in use.  Two booth on the even showed Bluetooth positioning in two compartments. Quuppa Oy showed their own Bluetooth-based indoor positioning technology, which is used in many applications. With its unique Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) method and positioning algorithms, the system enables real-time tracking of

Friday Fun: Earth isn’t flat, cats would have pushed everything off edge by now if it was, confirm scientists Scientists around the World have finally conceded that the Earth is most probably not a completely flat disc after all despite some people keep claiming that. Research conducted at the University of Oxford has proven conclusively that a cat on a table will inevitably push anything on it off the edge and onto the

Machine learning possible on microcontrollers

ARM’s Zach Shelby introduced the use of microcontrollers for machine learning and artificial intelligence at the ECF19 event in Helsinki on last Friday. The talk showed that that artificial intelligence and machine learning can be applied to small embedded devices in addition to the cloud-based model. In particular, artificial intelligence is well suited to the

Bad wire connector teardown

I have earlier written about bad cheap Chinese wire connect that did not live up to specifications and was potentially dangerous for mains power at Here is teardown of that Let’s open open it Here was all. The problem in construction that there is quite weak spring that pushes against wire. On the other

Intel, Qualcomm and Google are cutting off business with Huawei

It seems that USA-China trade war has really started now: America was the land of free trade … precisely until it is not anymore. Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, and Xilinx have reportedly moved to stop supplying Huawei. Google has also suspended business with Huawei in the wake of the ban. According to Bloomberg, semiconductor

Friday Fun: People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Cats Acting Weird

Cats and Internet Wikipedia page says that images and videos of domestic cats make up some of the most viewed content on the web, particularly image macros in the form of lolcats. Here is links to some funny picures of this “unofficial mascot of the Internet”:

Deep Dive: Intel Analysis of Microarchitectural Data Sampling This technical deep dive expands on the information in the Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) guidance. Be sure to review the disclosure overview for software developers first and apply any microcode updates from your OS vendor. Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla release patches for ZombieLoad chip flaws Intel MDS Vulnerabilities: What You Need

Inter-process communication in Linux

Inter-process communication in Linux: Using pipes and message queues Learn how processes synchronize with each other in Linux. Inter-process communication in Linux: Shared storage Learn how processes synchronize with each other in Linux.