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RAMBleed vulnerability

A team of researchers representing several universities has disclosed the details a new type of side-channel attack: Researchers show with RAMBleed that it’s possible to use Rowhammer-style side-channel attacks to read protected memory. RAMBleed takes Rowhammer in a new direction. Rather than using bit flips to alter sensitive data, the new technique exploits the hardware

The world’s first winter tyre with retractable studs / Nokian Tyres This looks as an interesting concept: Nokian Tyres presents the world’s first non-studded winter tyre with studs in connection with the 80th anniversary of the winter tyre. With a press of a button, the driver can bring out the studs to improve the grip of the tyre. When the studs are not needed, they

Circuit Breaker: Construction, Working, Types & Uses

MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker), Construction, Working, Types & Uses MCBs are used primarily as an alternative to the fuse switch in most of the circuits. A wide variety of MCBs have been in use nowadays in all areas of domestic, commercial and industrial applications as a reliable means of protection. Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)

Five for Friday: Autonomous vehicles The road is open ahead for Finnish innovations that are contributing to the development of unmanned cars here and abroad. Here are five companies related to unmanned cars.

Cyber security news in June 2019

This posting is here to collect cyber security news in June 2019. I post links to security vulnerability news to comments of this article. If you are interested in cyber security trends, read my Cyber security trends 2019 posting. You are also free to post related links.