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Self driving cars failed 2020

I was had planned to do a long post on self-driving cars a quite long time. I was planning to do one this spring, but I might not do that, because it seems that predictions that self-driving cars would be here in 2020 were far too rosy. Five years ago, several companies including Nissan and

LED hat project ideas

I saw an advertisement video of LED hat on Facebook some days ago. This kind of had might not be the best idea to wear on many parties, but maybe could have some uses for advertisement purposes. This kind of LED hat is something that makes hacker mind spinning. The hat had wireless connection so,

Friday Fun: Type like a movie hacker

All you see on movies on hacking is green script with black screen and quick typing then.. Now you can live that “movie reality” yourself with and Go to the page and type anything – and what you type will be “magically” converted to cool “hacker code”.

800G Ethernet specification

The 25 Gigabit Ethernet Consortium has decided to ditch its name as it heads off in search of serious speed with 800G specification. To mark the new name, the group has published 800G specification [PDF] that details its next step in Ethernet’s evolution. Ethernet standards group leaves its name in the dust as it details

Forest burning at Chernobyl

Another small nuclear incident: Forest fire at Chernobyl causes radiation spike.. Ukrainian officials have noted a spike in radiation levels in the area surrounding Chernobyl after a forest within the exclusion zone caught fire. Burning trees and foliage would create radioactive smoke so yeah, sounds legit. The blaze started on Saturday close to the site

Bidirectional optical device

Traditionally, an optical communication system would require two components at each end: transmitter and receiver. It has been known that LEDs can act as photo sensors, but they have not been very practical for optical communications applications. Researchers have now shown switching between LED and photodetector modes on new type component quickly enough for real-time

Ylläs transmitting tower

TV transmitting tower with microwave links and other telecom stuff like cell phone transceivers covered with snow. This is 150 meters tower that has typically 100-150 thousand kilograms of snow and ice in it during winter time. This picture was taken few days ago at Ylläs Lappland Finland. Picture is taken by me in February

Cyber Security News April 2020

This posting is here to collect cyber security news in April 2020. I post links to security vulnerability news with short descriptions to comments section of this article. If you are interested in cyber security trends, read my Cyber security trends 2020 posting. You are also free to post related links to comments.