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Cyber security trends for 2022

Nothing is more difficult than making predictions. Instead of trowing out wild ideas what might be coming, I have collected here some trends other people have predicted or reported. Why the Future Needs Passwordless Authentication As of September, Microsoft users no longer have to rely on passwords when logging in to their accounts. Passwords

Differential oscilloscope probes

By far the most used oscilloscope probes are the passive 10:1 attenuation probe. Next step in probe categories are active probes. Active probes succeed in practically eliminating reactive loading of the circuit under investigation by means of a small solid-state amplifier in the probe body adjacent to the tip. There are two main classes of

My new ARM v9 article

ARM is the world’s most popular RISC processor architecture, widely used in embedded systems in addition to mobile phones and small computers. The latest is 64-bit ARM v9. At the same time, competitors are tuning in their own competing versions. The first ARM v9 based smart phone chips have just been released: MediaTek Dimensity 9000

Finnish Christmas traditions

Finnish Christmas traditions explained How did Santa Claus become a resident of Finland? Why don’t Finns sauna after dark on Christmas Eve? We take a deep dive into uniquely Finnish Christmas traditions.

Fire and Smoke Alarm Systems

Smoke and fire alarms can save lives. The occupant and the housing company are responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of smoke alarms in Finland. It is the duty of the occupant of the flat, i.e. the resident, to buy a smoke alarm and to keep it in good working order. Smoke alarms must meet

Perl turns 34

Perl turns 34 today (actually yesterday because delay in posting). Happy cake day. See original announcement Perl is sometimes semi-jokingly referred to as a “write-only” language. That is, its syntax is so bizarre that code written in Perl is essentially unreadable by other programmers and thus not editable by other programmers. This sort of

Resistor decade box

Needed adjustable resistor for electronics lab. I found 0-9999 Ohm Simple Resistance Box Precision Variable Decade Resistor Teaching Instrument Measurement & Analysis Instruments from Tools on banggood for sale one day on the app. Specifications: 100% brand new and high quality Attenuation Range / Mini Step: 0 to 9999ohm, 1 ohm step Shell material: Plastic