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Friday Fun: Worst Science Stock Photo Ever Contest Crowns Winner

Worst Science Stock Photo Ever Contest Crowns Winner A lot of the time it seems like the general public is unaware of how scientists spend their average day. This is particularly evident when it comes to stock photographers, with some particularly hilarious results.


GeoGebra (a portmanteau of geometry and algebra) is an interactive geometry, algebra, statistics and calculus application, intended for learning and teaching mathematics and science from primary school to university level. It is nice that it works on your browser without installation using multiple languages including Finnish. That’s the way I tested it by going to

Friday Fun: Scope music video

And finally, what have you done with your oscilloscope for the last three years? Most of us can’t answer that except in the vaguest of terms, but then there’s DrTune, who took three years’ worth of screencaps from this Rigol DS1054z and strung them together into a 60-second movie. He swears he didn’t purposely sync

AV connections disasters: Speakon mistakes

You can plug 6.3 mm (1/4″) plug to some (but not all) Neutrik Speakon connectors. I mean incorrectly like this: Or like this When you can make the plug to fit in, the plug shorts 1+ to 2+ connections with some potentially bad consequences. Also the 14″ plug can get short circuited. Fun fact is

Friday Art: 5200 drones

A new world record of approx. 5200 drones colorful sky show. Great performance from High Great. Quite a big show – huge. New World Record: 5200 drones and MORE — High Great About HG: Founded in 2014, High Great is an innovative high-tech company that specialized in drone R&D manufacture, sales, and drone light performance

Battery leakage repair

Batteries are one of the most widely used sources of energy in portable electronic devices. Those batteries can leak when they’re left to devices for too long or disposed of improperly. Battery leakage is annoying and usually damages your equipment. Here Duraleak strike again… Why do batteries leak? Under normal conditions, the chemicals inside a