History of communications technology

Telecommunication and networking has been and will be one of the core technologies in helping the evolution of mankind and technology. Here is a quick view to the history of the modern electronics based communications technologies with help of few history articles. “10th March, 1876 – The day when Alexander Graham Bell made the first

Ethernet co-inventor David Boggs dies

Ethernet co-inventor David Boggs dies at 71 Pioneering Xerox PARC computer researcher David Boggs has died at 71, The New York Times has reported. Boggs was best known for co-inventing the Ethernet with Bob Metcalfe. Boggs joined the team in 1973, and started working with fellow researcher Bob Metcalfe on a system to send

The Voices of Ethernet

Ethernet has risen to the top of the communications networking industry as a standard that dominates the data center down to the PC. Compatibility between old and new versions of Ethernet is legendary. The Ethernet Alliance has started an ongoing oral history, The Voices of Ethernet, in the form of video interviews of key players

Ethernet over voltage protector

I got 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX Ethernet running through this over voltage protector. They are nor designed for faster data rate. Those protectors are designed to protect two 100 ohms wire pairs. They are designed to work well up to 60 MHz signal and have low capacitance (around 30 pF between wire pair wires). Links to

Ethernet over XLR wiring

I have written about running audio signals over CAT 5/6/7 wires normally designed to carry Ethernet traffic. But is is possible to run Ethernet over audio cabling terminated with XLR connectors? Gearspace discussion at topic “Ethernet over XLR – Can I do this ???” had following question: We recently moved into an old recording studio

Cable tester NF-8209 tested

NOYAFA NF-8209 Network Cable Tester is used to measure cable continuity. It enables the measurement of connection errors in UTP / STP twisted pairs. The device is manufactured by SHENZHEN NOYAFA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD and sold with several different brand names. NF-8209 Main features: 1. Two scan modes selectable: AC filter & Non AC filter.