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The Turing Test was not passed!

Last weekend’s news in the tech world was flooded with a “story” about how a “chatbot” passed the Turing Test for “the first time”: Many media outlets were reporting that a computer programme pretending to be a 13-year-old boy from the Ukraine passed the Turing test for artificial intelligence on Saturday. The problem is that

Old media and new media: aggregation and quality

This posting is part of my series of Journalism and media postings that try to cover the changing field of media business. Aggregation economy Business Insider vs. Digiday: One man’s aggregation is another man’s traffic hijacking article talks on practices some call it aggregation, while others call it copyright infringement or even theft. Plagiarism. Copyright

Old media and new media: Paywalls

This post is a continuation to my Old media and digital media – part 1 posting that discussed on the changes on the traditional publishing business field. This posting is part of my series of Journalism and media postings. Paywalls A paywall is a system that prevents Internet users from accessing webpage content without a

Old media and digital media – part 1

Finnish Internet Users are Most Avid Consumers of Online News article says that news and information sites capture a large proportion of the European on-line audience with 8 in 10 Internet users accessing one of these sites in September 2013. 338 million people visited a news or information website via a desktop or laptop during

The Data Factory

You’re the product, but when you’re sold, it’s only a lucky few who get rich. The Data Factory – How Your Free Labor Lets Tech Giants Grow The Wealth Gap article tells that technology lets big companies distribute tools that turn us into volunteers who contribute our time and data while they profit. It wasn’t


A new Finnish electronics magazine Elektroniikkalehti has been created. I heard about it yesterday at Mittaus & Testaus. Elektroniikkalehti describes itself as the main news source for professionals in the Finnish electronics industry. The magazine is in Finnish and available only in electronics versions (website, newsletter, RSS). Elektroniikkalehti is targeted to electronics professionals, ranging from

Tietokone Magazine

When Prosessori magazine ended last year I started writing articles to Tietokone magazine (press info). Actually I had earlier written some articles and news to web site. Now I write to Tietokone magazine more often. The magazine has published several articles already this year. Promo box

Goodbye Prosessori Magazine

Sanoma Magazines is to stop Prosessori magazine publishing in the November(English translation). At the same time Sanoma Magazine stopped publishing several other magazines. The last Prosessori issue will be the November 2011 issue. The web pages will be open to the end of 2011 (so now is the time to download if you need something