Off topic fun

Friday Fun: Mixer abuse

Behringer X32 mixer abuse video X32 Fader Abuse (#1 @ Assembly 2017 wild demo compo) “Real wild” is a category of realtime demos for strange platforms and hardware that don’t fit any of the standard categories (like PC, 4k, oldschool etc). Basically a fun “everything else” category. Here’s a bit of explanation about the

Fun: Cut the cable

For network safety? You might have seen earlier this picture at or many other sites. You can’t hack an air gap! That seems to be real. Not a fake meme. That was a special run of cable made specifically for the OHM conference in 2013 There is picture in Pinterest and Starecat of

Friday Fun: Strange cables

There is a web page full of strange, potentially dangerous and funny electrical cable ideas at Do not try those yourself! The page shows even one of my cable idea…

Friday Fun: Finnish superhero

Artificial Intelligence has made its mark in the world of superheroes and it’s time for you to meet the Finnish heroes the world needs. It was only a matter of time before we used AI to imagine and create the most uniquely Finnish superheroes we’ve ever seen.

Friday Fun: Bizarre Products

19 Bizarre Products Big Companies Trotted Out Being known for “that one thing” can be emotionally draining on a person, but sometimes for big companies staying to make what people know your brand could be better than trying some bizarre product launch. Related article:

Friday Fun: UUN

uun (unshielded untwisted notpair) UUP (unshielded untwisted pair) Unshielded but not so twisted wire pairs in this Ethernet cable It is essentially multiple twin lead transmission lines, but yeah, lacking the benefits of twisting. And there is that one “split pair” that goes to pins 3 and 6. If other pairs are close what they

Friday Fun: IPv6 Words

An IPv6 address is 128 bits in length and consists of eight, 16-bit fields, with each field bounded by a colon. Each field must contain a hexadecimal number. Some IPv6 addresses look more funny than other addresses. Funny IPv6 Words Examples: 1ce:1ce:babe ice ice babe 1:see:bad:c0de I see bad code dead:beef:cafe 1:ea7:dead:beef a11:beef:7ac0 more