Off topic fun

AV disaster: PowerCON plugged

No audio signal. Only humming. This is how 6.3 mm plug and PowerCON meet. There are XLR and Speakon combo connectors designed for things like this. But this is PowerCON connector designed to carry mains power. Read more on PowerCON at Fortunately the 6.3 mm plug here only connects to the center ground pin.

Friday Fun: Worst Science Stock Photo Ever Contest Crowns Winner

Worst Science Stock Photo Ever Contest Crowns Winner A lot of the time it seems like the general public is unaware of how scientists spend their average day. This is particularly evident when it comes to stock photographers, with some particularly hilarious results.

Friday Fun: Scope music video

And finally, what have you done with your oscilloscope for the last three years? Most of us can’t answer that except in the vaguest of terms, but then there’s DrTune, who took three years’ worth of screencaps from this Rigol DS1054z and strung them together into a 60-second movie. He swears he didn’t purposely sync

Friday Art: 5200 drones

A new world record of approx. 5200 drones colorful sky show. Great performance from High Great. Quite a big show – huge. New World Record: 5200 drones and MORE — High Great About HG: Founded in 2014, High Great is an innovative high-tech company that specialized in drone R&D manufacture, sales, and drone light performance

Phantom power issues

48 volt phantom power that is common in pro audio mixer mic inputs can kill the sound card in your laptop or computer (and some other devices). Here Dave Rat shows a quick and easy test to make sure you do not accidentally damage your valuable computer. Don’t Let Phantom Power Kill Sound Cards –

Friday Fun: This is fine

WHAT DOES THIS IS FINE MEAN? The “This is fine” meme comes from a webcomic called Gunshow, by KC Green Based on a webcomic of an anthropomorphic dog sitting in a burning house saying “This is fine,” this is fine is a meme used as a reaction image in which someone ironically says a